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COVID Travel Info

May 19, 2021 by surfnica2010

***As of June 17th, 2022 fully vaccinated travelers no longer have to have a PCR test to enter Nicaragua but they do need to show their vaccination card. Unvaccinated travelers of any age (including infants) will need to have a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival to enter Nicaragua.

***As of June 13, 2022 a negative COVID test is no longer required to reenter the US.

Flying in and out of Managua, Nicaragua:  

The only airlines coming and going from Managua right now are Avianca, Copa (3 days a week) and Aeromexico. Spirit Airlines and American Airlines will be resuming service from Miami/Ft Lauderdale to Managua in early November 2022.

For unvaccinated travelers, please also be aware that all unvaccinated travelers need this test to enter Nicaragua, including kids under 2 years old.

Flying in and out of Liberia, Costa Rica:

This route is only slightly longer than flying into Managua and the pros are that the flights are generally much cheaper and there are many more flight options and airlines coming and going from Liberia. You can generally fly right in and cross the Nica border after arriving (as long as your flight arrives before 8pm) with no issues as long as your COVID test is still within the 72 hours of validity (for unvaccinated travelers). As of April 1st travelers are no longer required to fill out a health pass or buy travel insurance to enter Costa Rica. Lastly, the ground transportation is a bit more expensive and just slightly longer to and from Liberia but often the costs and travel time into Liberia outweigh that inconvenience.

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