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COVID Travel Info

May 19, 2021 by surfnica2010

***Whether flying in through Managua or crossing the border in to Nicaragua from Liberia you will need a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of entering the country to be permitted to enter.

Flying in and out of Managua, Nicaragua:  

The only airlines coming and going from Managua right now are Avianca, Copa (3 days a week) and charter flights through Eastern Air. The government is being very strict about COVID tests received through the airlines and some guests have been denied as their tests did not have a lab stamp or Dr. signature on them. It appears to be not so much that the tests need these but they have to look super legitimate and on an official letterhead. Any tests that look like they could have been falsified will not be accepted (even if they are real).  Lastly, with Managua you will have to plan for a morning to go to Managua and do the testing to return to the US (within 72 hours of your departure) or you can do the testing the day before your departure and stay the night in Managua. The testing location in Managua only offers PCR tests and they cost $150.  You can register online in order to receive your results electronically so you do not have to wait for your results.  You will need your passport, registration form printed, itinerary printed and proof of payment nm (if you pay at a bank prior to test). You can also pay at the testing site.

Flying in and out of Liberia, Costa Rica:

I have found that it seems to be easier to come through Liberia, CR. The pros are that the flights are cheaper and there are many more flight options and airlines coming and going from Liberia, you can generally fly right in and cross the Nica border after arriving (as long as your flight arrives before 7pm) with no issues as long as your COVID test is within 72 hours, the land border seems to be more flexible with how the appearance of the COVID test and you don’t have to take a day trip to do your testing as you can get a 1 hour Antigen test in Liberia airport 4 hours prior to your flight on your departure day to use to get back into the US. The cons are that you will need to buy 5 days of CR’s mandatory medical insurance upon entering on your flight and upon entering back into CR from Nicaragua (you have to buy 5 days of insurance each time as that is the minimum (approximately $25 for 5 days).   If you have international or travel insurance that works too as long as you have a coverage of $50,000 minimum in case of contracting COVID and at least $2000 coverage for COVID quarantine accomodations and you would need to bring proof of that. You also have to fill out a Health pass online for both entrances into CR. Also the ground transportation is a bit more expensive and just slightly longer to and from Liberia but I think the cost of flights still make it worth it. 

More info here –

Health Insurance – You will want to buy the Safe Travels Voyager option, choose 5 days and claim $0 for your trip cost –

Health Pass (need to have insurance purchased first and fill this out within 48 hours of your entry to CR) –

Antigen test appointment for departure day (need to make appointment 4 hours prior to your flight) –

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