Giving Back

Many of our guests ask us, how can I give back to this wonderful community?  The community in our area is very poor and can use most anything and everything that you are willing to bring out.  There is also a need for monetary donations.

Seth and I started a  free English school for the local community in June, 2012.  Up until now many of those in our local community have been taking a bus 45 minutes to Rivas, on their only day off, to take a 5 hour Saturday English class.  They have also had to pay around $20/month which for many is 15% of their monthly pay.


We have always wondered what we can do to help out and finally decided that these classes would be the most beneficial.  Hacienda Iguana and the surrounding area is growing extremely fast and the necessity for employees that can speak English is becoming more and more apparent.  Learning English gives these people the opportunity to get these well paying tourism jobs right in their community, as well as helps them continue education after 6th grade (highest grade of schooling in the Iguana area).  This school runs strictly off of monetary donations, which are used for materials, copies and to pay our teachers a small “living” wage.  Please check out our English School Blog.  If you are interested in making a donation, there is a Paypal “Donate” button on the blog.



We had a period of time that we were also offering exercise classes that were quite a success.  We hope to re-start these classes in the next year and will let you know when we do so you can join us.




I also played softball for one of the local ladies teams in Astillero.  Baseball and Softball is a wonderful past time for the local community and they take it very seriously.  The girls on my team and all the others play with the oldest most worn out gloves you have ever seen.  Basically there are no spaces for your fingers, the inside of the gloves are completely open and flimsy. The left handed girls (and likely the boys too) all play with a left handed mit on their right hand.  There is a huge need for good equipment.  If you happen to have any old softball or baseball gear hanging around please feel free to bring it out and we would be happy to disperse it for you or feel free to drop them off with communities on your way down.


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