Hacienda Iguana Golf – $45/person (includes IVA) or $35/person if 2 people to share the golf cart. This pricing includes a round of golf (18 holes), golf cart and clubs. Please pay at the Pro Shop. Green fees- $15/person, Golf Club Rental – $10, Golf Cart – $20

Golf Scramble- Every Tuesday there is a golf scramble for $25 per person which includes 9 holes of golf, golf clubs, golf cart, dinner and 1 non-alcoholic beverage.  Please meet at the Pro Shop at 2:30pm if you would like to play. Find more info regarding golf and the Wednesday afternoon Golf Scramble at

Golf Cart Rentals – Four man, battery powered golf carts are available for $40/day or $240/week if paid in cash or $46/day and $276/week if paid by credit card. If you are staying in a condo you will have to bring the golf cart to Casa Maderas every couple days to be charged or if available swap the golf cart out with a charged golf cart. The golf carts must stay on the interior roads of Iguana.

Boat/Surfing Trips- Our boat trips are arranged using the local pangas (fishing boats) from Gigante.  The boats have a small canopy and can fit up to 7 people.  The panga can pick you up just off the beach in Hacienda Iguana if you can swim or paddle out to it otherwise we can arrange transportation to Gigante to launch the boat from the beach there.

 Boat Trips

  • Roundtrip to Gigante – $60
  • Day trip to San Juan Del Sur – $190
  • Fishing, Snorkeling or Cruising (Spanish speaking captain) – $55 per hour (minimum of 3 hours)
  • Fishing (English speaking captain) – please advise on price (4 hours)

Surfing Trips

  • To Rancho Santana (Santana or Rosada) – $100
  • To Manzanillo – $110
  • To Popoyo – $140
  • To Playgrounds and/or Lance’s Left – $170

Surf Photography – Professional surf photography from the water or land.  Shoot for up to 3 hours at any one location. Rates start at $125 from land or $150 from water for up to 4 people and $25 for each additional person.

Surfboard Rentals- NSR surf shop has many other sizes and shapes of boards as well as stand-up-paddle boards that they rent.  You can check out their quiver at

Horseback Riding – We can arrange for up to 4 horses to be brought down to the beach for you to ride. You can rent a horse for $25/hour/horse and are welcome to ride it where you like for that hour. It is not an organized tour just free riding.

Nicaragua Cultural Tour – Experience true Nicaraguan country living by taking a local cultural tour. Check out multiple different farm animals, take an ox cart ride or horseback riding back into the jungle and return to a local families house to make tortillas. Afterwards enjoy the tortillas with freshly made cuajada (local cheese) and Jamaica (local juice). This is a great option for families. Pricing and tour options vary.

Surf Lesson with board – The waves at Hacienda Iguana can be too big and the ocean on occasions has too much current.  Lessons will be arranged only if the conditions are favorable.

  • $35 per lesson for 1 person or $25/person for a group lesson (about 1.5 hours, 3 people max per instructor) – taught by a local Nicaraguan surfer with limited or no English
  • $50/person per lesson for 1-2 people or $45/person for a group lesson (about 1.5 hours) – taught by English speaking surfer

 Yoga – Drop in yoga classes are held at the small beachfront palapa at Mark and Dave’s and are $12/person. Mark and Dave’s is located in the middle of Iguana beach, just south of Panga Drops where there is a large palapa and small palapa right next to each other. The Yoga schedule is the following: Tuesday (Intro to Ashtanga) at 10am, Thursday (Vinyasa Flow) at 10am and Sunday (Yin) at 10am.

Private Yoga– Private yoga sessions are held at your house or condo – $60 for 1-4 people and $12/person for each additional person.

Massage – The masseuse will come to your rental house or condo and bring a massage table.  Please provide your own towels.

  • $35 for 1 hour by a Nicaraguan masseuse (Spanish only)
  • $60-$80 for 1 hour by an English-speaking masseuse (deeper massage)

Motorcycle and Scooter Rentals and Tours- 125cc motorcycles or scooters for rent for $11.50/hour, $51.75/day or $299/week – Guided Motorcycle Tours are also available upon request.

Bicycle Rentals and Tours –

  • Mountain Bike or Beach Cruiser Rentals – $15/day or $70/week
  • Farm/Cultural Experience Bike Tour – 1.5-2 hours – $45/person for 1-2 people, $40/person for 3-4 people and $35/person for 5-6 people
  • Multiple other tours available and customizable to your desired riding level, length of tour and choice of adventure

Catamaran Sailing Tour, Sunset Booze Cruise and Rappelling Giant’s Foot – Please find more info at the website below and you can arrange directly with the Gigante Bay hostel. –

La Isla de Guacalito – reservations required 24 hours in advance for services below

 Restaurant- Reservation is required and reservation acceptance is decided depending on the resorts occupancy levels.

 Spa – Open 9am-8pm. Prices vary, please view the A La Carte Spa Menu and Spa Rituals/Experiences on our website at

 Golf – Tee times from 7am to 1:30pm, course closes at 5pm. – $145 plus taxes (includes golf cart) for 18 holes of golf and $105 plus taxes (include golf cart) for 9 holes of golf

  • Club Rentals – $35 + IVA (15%)
  • Shoes – $25 + IVA
  • Caddy – $10 per golfer + IVA
  • Golf Classes – $20/hour

Aqua Wellness Resort – Go enjoy a wonderful day at the secluded and private beach of Aqua. You must have a reservation for lunch to enter. To make a reservation please call 7530-7887. As long as you eat at their restaurant you will also be able to use their beach equipment (SUPs, kayak and snorkel gear) free of charge. Aqua also has wonderful Spa. Please find their Spa Menu in the back of this info guide.

Pastora Tours (Gigante) – Pastora Tours offers upgraded tours and packages for Fishing, Boat Tours and Surfing Trips all on nice boats, as well as, Floating Decks, ATV Tours, Snorkeling, Jet Skis, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Kayak Fishing, Spearfishing, Hand Line Fishing, Lobster and Octopus Hunting and Guided Hikes – For more info please go

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up an activity at or call our office at 2560-1257.




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