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Breaks in Hacienda Iguana

February 19, 2012 by surfnica2010

Colorados â€“ Is a fast, tubing beach break generally with many peaks and A framing waves.  With larger, long period swells it can be a very heavy wave. Generally best around mid to high tide but it changes with every swell. Low tide is surfable but is just generally a faster, barreling wave.  Best for intermediate to expert surfers but can offer some fun waves for beginners in low surf season (October to March). Will hold most size waves up to around double overhead.

Panga DropsIs a horse-shoe shaped rock/reef break that offers tapering lefts and rights with a mellow take off and a more vertical inside section.  This break can be good for long boarders or short boarders.  This break amplifies swells and usually bigger than Colorados but softer.  Usually best from low to mid tide but there are some inside sections that break at a high tide.  Can be good for all ability levels, depending on the swell size.

Los Perros Point – Located at the very north point of Hacienda Iguana.  This is a fickle right point break that only breaks with large swells.

***Surf Photography by Brian Scott. For your own land or water session you can contact him at

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