Commercial Lots

Commercial Lots

Pozo 1 Building – $340,000

Pozo 1 building has 4 one bedroom/one bathroom units.  It is a 2 story building with 2 units on each level and is located right in the heart of Iguana’s commercial center.  It has great rental potential for short and long term rentals. These units could also be converted to be used in a commercial venture (restaurant, retail, office space etc).

Pozo 9 (one lot that includes commercial lots 4, 5, 6 and 9) – 2685 m2 –  $289,000

Commercial Lot 12A – 373 m2 – $79,000 firm

Commercial Lot 13 – 548 m2 – $95,000

Commercial Lot 18 – 1000 m2 – $69,000

Don Eloys – $320,000

2nd floor turn key restaurant, bar, kitchen and outdoor patio seating.  Also includes a storage unit and golf cart.


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